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July 31, 2015
Fire Station No. 8 Community Conversations Continue

The County will decide this fall on a new location for Fire Station #8.

July 31, 2015
Update: Arlington Lifts Donaldson Run Advisory

The County has fixed a broken pipe and tested the waters. Sewage is no longer present.

July 24, 2015
County, APS Collaborating on Lubber Run

The County government is open to finding space in a reconstructed Lubber Run Community Center for pre-kindergarten programs, to help meet APS’ need for additional space,

July 23, 2015
More than Half of ACPD’s Operations Officers Trained for Crisis Intervention

The goal is to get those who might otherwise be arrested – or worse – the help they need, rather than a trip to jail.

July 23, 2015
Assessing the Value of Arlington’s Parks and Open Spaces

Arlington's parks and open spaces are worth $155 million annually, a report finds.

July 23, 2015
Should the Williamsburg Field Have Lights?

The work Group will report back to the County Board in June 2016.

July 23, 2015
County Board Approves Acting County Manager’s Salary

Schwartz's Deputy County Manager's salary will be increased by 10 percent during his service as Acting County Manager.

July 23, 2015
New Sector Plan for Rosslyn

The Board voted to adopt the Rosslyn Sector Plan, a 25-year plan designed to transform this economic hub into a more walkable, dynamic, live-work-shop-play urban center and vibrant gateway to Arlington.

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