Arlington County Board Approves 10-Year $2.4 Billion Infrastructure Investment Plan

  • Reinvests to update aging infrastructure
  • Boosts funding for street repaving, park and facility renovations, drinking water system improvements
  • Funds strategic initiatives including the Columbia Pike & Route 1 streetcars and the Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Facility
  • Incorporates School Board 10-year funding request
  • 2012 bond referenda also approved

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Arlington County Board today approved a $2.4-billion, 10-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to reinvest in aging infrastructure and fund strategic transportation and recreation initiatives. The CIP includes capital investments for Fiscal Years 2013-2022.

The Arlington Public Schools adopted its $438 million CIP in June, bringing the planned CIP investment for both County and Schools to $2.9 billion over the next 10 years.

“This CIP is both a financially sustainable plan that strikes a balance between maintaining our existing infrastructure and making strategic investments that will meet the needs of our growing community, and a vision for the future,” said County Board Chair Mary Hynes. “Our sound, forward-looking financial plan will help maintain the County's triple-Aaa bond ratings.”

Hynes noted that while Arlington County services continued to receive high marks in the County's 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey, street maintenance was one of two major areas residents said were most important to improve.

“Our streets, parks, facilities, water system and technology all need on-going maintenance and upgrades if we are to continue to provide the high-quality services that our community expects and that attract employers and visitors to Arlington,” Hynes said.

“The Board also believes, after years of conversation with the community, that strategic investments in our transit system and our recreational opportunities – providing a streetcar system and an aquatics and recreation facility at Long Bridge Park – will well-serve generations of Arlingtonians to come.”

Land acquisition was one of the areas of importance noted in the final County Board worksession prior to adoption of the CIP. Guidance was given to staff to identify one-time funding to help increase land acquisition funding to meet the open space and recreational needs of the County's growing population.

A major change in 2012 is the move from a six-year to a 10-year planning period in the CIP. This longer horizon is intended to allow better planning and financing of multi-year projects and associated lifecycle costs, and to provide better linkages to the County's various master plans.

The board voted unanimously to adopt the CIP.

Investment Highlights

  • Increased funding for basic infrastructure when compared to FY2013-2018 CIP
    • Street repaving (+$24 million)
    • Parks and facilities renovations (+$37 million)
    • Water system infrastructure (+$41 million)
    • Metro (+$37 million)
  • Strategic investments
    • Columbia Pike & Route 1 streetcars – these projects are anticipated to be funded by a variety of sources, including state and federal grants, commercial real estate tax, and tax increment financing.
    • Design and construction of the Long Bridge aquatics and fitness center
    • Completion of ConnectArlington network – technology infrastructure that will support multiple governmental and community needs

2012 Referenda

The Capital Improvement Program is funded largely through General Obligation Bonds, which are put before the voters for approval. In a second action today, the Board voted unanimously to approve the 2012 bond referenda. Support for a total of $153 million in bonds will be requested of the voters in four separate questions on the November 6 ballot:

Metro and Transportation – $31,946,000

Includes Metro Capital Improvements, Neighborhood Traffic Calming, WalkArlington, Transportation Match, BikeArlington, Paving

Local Parks and Recreation – $50,553,000

Includes Parks maintenance capital, Land acquisition & Open Space, Long Bridge Aquatics, Health & Fitness Facility & Park, design of Tyrol Hill Park improvements

Community Infrastructure – $28,306,000

Includes Neighborhood Conservation, Facilities maintenance capital, ConnectArlington and Intelligent Transportation System

Arlington Public Schools – $42,620,000

Includes the Design – Construction of new elementary schools, School facility additions and various School facility projects

Total: $153,425,000

Public Process

The County Manager released the Proposed CIP in May 2012. Since that time, staff has met with 13 Commissions and Committees and provided information at four County Board work sessions. The Proposed CIP was posted on the County's website, and the Board held a public hearing June 26. To read the staff report and County Manager's recommendations made to the Board at the July 21 meeting, see the agenda, item #45. To read the 2012 bond referenda resolutions and questions, see the agenda, item #46.

Background on the CIP

The CIP is a planning document that outlines Arlington's long range capital improvement objectives and priorities and typically includes major investments in transportation, parks and recreation infrastructure, and facilities. Arlington updates its Capital Improvement Program every two years. Proposed capital projects frequently include parks and recreation, community conservation, technology, pedestrian systems, Metro and transportation, schools, utilities, and other capital programs.

Arlington Va., is a world-class residential, business and tourist location that was originally part of the “10 miles square” parcel of land surveyed in 1791 to be the Nation's Capital. Slightly smaller than 26 square miles, it is the geographically smallest self-governing county in the United States, and one of only a handful with the prized Aaa/AAA/AAA bond rating. Arlington maintains a rich variety of stable neighborhoods and quality schools, and has received numerous awards for Smart Growth and transit-oriented development. Home to some of the most influential organizations in the world — including the Pentagon — Arlington stands out as one of America's preeminent places to live, visit and do business.