Arlington County Board Approves New Hotel Near Courthouse Metro Station

  • Ground floor restaurant
  • LEED Gold certification
  • Contributions to affordable housing, Metro elevator improvements

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Arlington County Board today approved a plan to build a new hotel in the Courthouse neighborhood, at 2401 and 2407 Wilson Blvd. The hotel will replace an existing one-story 1950s strip shopping center and surface parking lot.

The Board also approved building four new single-family homes behind the hotel on N. 16th Street, in the Lyon Village neighborhood, where four older single-family homes currently exist. The developer has worked with the County's Historic Preservation staff to choose styles consistent with the houses traditional to Lyon Village.

The 93,000 square foot, eight-story hotel on the northwest corner of Wilson Blvd and N. Adams Street will have 161 rooms, 80 underground parking spaces, a bar/cafe associated with the hotel, 1,200 square feet of separately leased ground floor restaurant space and will be approximately 500 feet from the Courthouse Metro station.

“This project will provide a new hotel where it's needed, near a Metro station along the busy Rosslyn-Ballston corridor,” said Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette. “It also will provide a transition between the high density development along Wilson Blvd. and the homes in the Lyon Village neighborhood.”

The County Board voted unanimously on these four items: to amend the General Land Use Plan (GLUP) for the site to “Medium Office-Apartment-Hotel;” to rezone the site to “C-O-2.5” Commercial Office Building, Hotel and Apartment; to approve the site plan; and to approve building four houses in a Unified Residential Development (URD) on an adjoining residential site.

Community Benefits

The developer will provide a number of community benefits, including:

  • Streetscape improvements
  • Removal of curb cuts on 16th Street North and on Wilson Blvd.
  • Completion of a cul-de-sac and turnaround on N. Adams Street
  • Bus shelter on Wilson Blvd.
  • $582,800 Affordable Housing Investment Fund Contribution
  • $75,000 public art contribution
  • LEED Gold certification
  • Approximately $1.5 million for new Courthouse Metro elevator

Bonus Density

The developer earned a density bonus by agreeing that the building will be LEED Gold certified and Energy Star certified. The developer received another density bonus by agreeing to contribute approximately $1.5 million to the planned elevator improvements at the Courthouse Metro Station, currently scheduled to begin by 2020.

Community Process

Two special GLUP studies were conducted on the site in 2009 and 2010 to evaluate the proposed GLUP amendment. The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) discussed the plan at two of its meetings in 2009, and at three of its meetings in 2010 and 2011. The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) discussed the plan at four of its meetings in 2013.

To learn more about this project, visit the County website and scroll down to Item #25 on the Agenda for the March 15, 2014, Arlington County Board Regular Meeting.


The site is located on the border of the Courthouse and Lyon Village neighborhoods. The site plan follows guidelines stated in the 1993 Courthouse Sector Plan Addendum, such as concentrating higher density projects near the Metro station. Additionally, it follows the sector plan's goal of tapering building heights and densities between developments in Courthouse and the nearby Lyon Village neighborhood.

The four single family dwellings in the URD were built at various times between 1926 and 1991. The owners of the adjacent strip center own three of the houses and have used them as rental properties for several decades. Parts of the houses' yards are taken up by surface parking for the strip center.

Project at a Glance

Project Name: 2401 and 2407 Wilson Blvd.

Developer: 2401 Wilson, LLC

Architect: Gordon & Greenberg Architects

Contact: Sara Mariska; Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh

Type of Project: Hotel

Parking: 80 spaces in a two-level underground garage

Sustainability: LEED Gold

Location: 2401 and 2407 Wilson Blvd.

Project Features

  • 91,000 square foot hotel with 161 rooms
  • 8 stories
  • 1,200 square feet ground floor restaurant space

Community Benefits Details

  • Underground utilities at the periphery of the hotel site, and underground service to the proposed URD.
  • Streetscape improvements on all frontages of the hotel and URD properties, most notably a minimum 16'6” sidewalk with an 8-foot clear zone on Wilson Boulevard, a 15-foot sidewalk with a10-foot clear width on North Adams Street in front of the hotel.
  • Removal of a curb cut on Wilson Boulevard and removal of curb cuts on 16th Street North.
  • Completion of a cul-de-sac and turnaround on North Adams Street.
  • Bus shelter on Wilson Boulevard.
  • Bicycle parking for employees and guests, and a required locker/changing room for employees.
  • Utility Undergrounding fund contribution of $22,784.
  • $75,000 Public Art Contribution.
  • Affordable Housing Fund contribution of $582,800.
  • LEED Gold Certification, plus post-construction Energy Star monitoring and reportage for hotel, and Green Home Choice for the URD.
  • $1.54 million for a contribution to the renovation of the street elevator at the Courthouse Metro Station.

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