Arlington County Review of Columbia Pike Super Stop Program Underway

  • Three-pronged approach to assess financials and performance of program, includes design review and community consultation process
  • Independent third-parties to conduct the reviews
  • Super Stops program created to provide quality; high capacity transit stations for Columbia Pike riders
  • County aims to build remaining Super Stops faster, lower cost

ARLINGTON, Va. — Arlington County will launch a comprehensive review of the performance, cost, design and construction of the recently completed Walter Reed Super Stop prototype starting this week. The goal of the review, first announced on April 4th, is to facilitate the construction of the remaining planned stops faster, at lower cost and with improved functionality where necessary. The assessment takes on a three-pronged approach with distinct processes that include:

  • Financial and performance assessment,
  • Community consultation process aimed at the users of the stop, and
  • Design review.

The financial and performance review and design review will use independent, third-parties to ensure unbiased reporting and focus. The findings from the overall assessment will be used to determine how to proceed on future Super Stops. The review and outreach process is slated for completion in late fall 2013. The County Manager, after consulting with Arlington County Board Members and WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority), will announce her decision later this year.

“Arlington is committed to investing in the Columbia Pike corridor and providing quality transportation options to meet the community's current and future transit needs,” said Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan. “We look forward to the findings of these reviews and will take steps necessary to ensure the construction of future stops at a significantly lower cost while maintaining functionality and the amenities needed for a high-capacity station.”

About the Super Stop Program

The Walter Reed Super Stop was a first-of-its-kind, high capacity transit stop. The Super Stop was designed to serve the growing number of riders along this heavily utilized transit corridor and to handle the projected increase in future riders expected with Columbia Pike streetcar. The completed prototype features a design to attract new riders, and includes expanded shelter and seating, lights, real-time electronic arrival displays, level boarding for bus passengers, transit maps, signage and more.

Over the course of the construction of Walter Reed Drive prototype stop, set-up costs, construction challenges and delays, and design refinements increased the total cost of the project. Due to the higher-than-expected cost and functionality concerns, the County Manager placed construction of the future 23 Super Stops on hold pending completion of the review.

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